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Anatoliy I. Bozhkov

  • Senior teacher
  • Area scientific interest: biomechanical particularities of the chewing apparatus of humans and some animals
  • Author more than 50 scientific works
  • Telephone +38-057-7075340

Some recent scientific publications:

  1. A. I. Bozhkov, Yu. V. Nikitchenko Caloric Restriction Diet Induces Specific Epigenotypes Associated with Life Span Extension //Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics Vol 2, No 1 (2013) P. 30-39.
  2. Bozhkov A. I., Klimova E. M., Nikitchenko Y. V., Davydov V.V., Zvyagintseva O. V., Kurguzova N. I., Sidorov V. I., Naglov A. V. Stem cells take part in regulation of prooxidant activity and immunity at liver fibrosis. American Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences: Special Issue: Mechanisms of Protection Against Oxidative Stress. 2014. Vol.2, (6-1). P. 512.
  3. Davydov V. V. Age-dependent change in aldo-keto reductases composition in the blood of rats / V. V. Davydov, A. I. Bozhkov, E. R. Grabovetskaya // American Journal of Biomedical Sciences. 2014. Vol. 2, Special Issue Number 1 : Mechanisms of Protection Against Oxidative Stress. P. 14.
  4. Bozhkov .I., Kabachnyy V.I., Kolot N.V., Bondar .Yu., Chumak I.V. Hormesis effect and the influence of ultra-low glycosides doses on the bone marrow cells proliferative activity in culture //Journal Of Harmonized Research in Pharmacy, 3(4), 2014, 154-166.
  5. A.I. Bozhkov, Yu.V. Nikitchenko Thermogenesis and longevity in mammals. Thyroxin model of accelerated aging // Experimental Gerontology 60 (2014) 173182.
  6. A. I. Bozhkov, N. I. Kurguzova, T. V. Krivoruchko, E. N. Lebed, A. O. Mikhailets,S. D. Danladi, A. A. Bozhkov, and M. S. Girich A Cyclic Feeding Regime: A New Model in Experimental Gerontology , Advances in Gerontology, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 252259. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2014.
  7. Bozhkov A.I., Nikitchenko Yu.V., Sheremet A. A., Bozhkov A.A. The prooxidant-antioxidant system is the primary stage of the answer of organism on unbalanced diet // Journal of Harmonized Research in Pharmacy , 2014, 3(3), 78-90.
  8. Natalia Igorevna Kurguzova, Anatoliy Ivanovich Bozhkov, Yuriy Viktorovich Nikitchenko, Mohammad Ali Yousef Al Begai, Anatoliy Vladimirovich Goltvyansky, Mohammad Morshed Ayed Alsardia, Andrew Anatolievich Bozhkov. Interconnection of Antitoxic and Antioxidant Systems of the Organism under the Action of Natural Low Molecular Complex Fungidol. American Journal of Biomedical andLife Sciences. Special Issue: Mechanisms of Protection against Oxidative Stress. Vol. 2, No. 6-1, 2015, pp. 25-32.doi: 10.11648/j.ajbls.s.2014020601.15.
  9. Girych M.S., Kurguzova N.I., Bozhkov A.I. Cyclic Intermittent Fasting Influences the Structure of Hepatocyte Nuclear Membrane in Young and Old Rats Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology // 2015. V. 2 (1). P. 38-50.

Development of biological technologies: biosensors, aquacultures, ecological technologies and biologically active substances:

  1. Anatoliy Goltvianskiy, Iuliia Ielchishcheva, Barbara Stachowiak,Artur Szwengiel and Anatoliy Bozhkov Preculture of Pleurotus ostreatus Increases the Yield of Yeast Biomass // Int. J. Curr. Microbiol .App. Sci (2015) 4(3): 124-133.
  2. Anatoly I. Bozhkov , Natalia G. Menzyanova , Marina K. Kovaleva , Nikolai I. Pyatak (2014). Growth of Dunaliella in "Ideal" Conditions Retains Annual Variability of Biochemical Features. Universal Journal of Plant Science, 2 , 31 - 39. doi: 10.13189/ujps.2014.020202.
  3. A. I. Bozhkov*, M. K. Kovaleva, N. G. Menzyanova, Y. A. Kuznetsova. The Rate of Aging of the Dunaliella viridis Teodor. Culture Depends on the Algae Pre-Adaptation to Copper Sulfate Toxic Effect// Advances in Aging Research, 2014, 3, 187-198
  4. Bozhkov A. I., Menzyanova N. G., Kizilova V.Yu., Kuznetsova Y. A., Kovalenko I.F. Adaptaion of Dunaliella viridis Teodor. to copper sulfate is related with increase of genetic instability and formation of qwasi-stable states. International Journal of current of microbiology and applied sciences. Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2014) 3(10) 925-939.


  • Member of the Board of three All-Ukrainian Societies: Society of Gerontologists and Geriatrists, Society of Biochemists and Society of Cell Biologists;
  • Chairman of the Kharkov Division of Society Cell Biologists;
  • Chairman of the Kharkov Division of Society of Gerontologists and Geriatrists;
  • Chairman of the Specialized Scientific Council D 64.051.17 for the degree of Doctor of Science conferment in specialties "Biochemistry" and "Human and Animal Physiology";
  • Member to editorial board journal "Algologia" (Algology), Biopolimery i kletki (Biopolymers and cells), "Problemy starenia i dolgoletya (Problems of Ageing and Longevity). The Editor-in-chief of the journal "Biologicheskiy Vestnik (Biological Herald);
  • Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Symposium "Biological Mechanisms of Ageing";
  • Author of 150 scientific works and two textbooks "Biotechnology. Fundamental and Industrial Aspects" and "Biochemistry";
  • Scientific Supervisor of 9 Candidate Theses and 1 Doctoral Thesis.