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Yulia A. Kuznecova

  • Area scientific interest: physiology of higher plant`s roots, creating of plant`s root biotechnology, biology microalgae

Some recent scientific publications:

  1. Bozhkov Anatoly I., Kuznetsova Yuliia A., Menzyanova Nataliia G. and Kovaleva Marina K. The Role of Root Bolder Cells in the Formation of a Root-Microenvironment System in Wheat Seedlings // From Seed Germination to Young Plants: Ecology, Growth and Environtmental: Influence: Nova Publishers, 2013.ISBN: 978-1-62618-653-8. P. 124-148.
  2. I. Bozhkov, M. K. Kovaleva, N. G. Menzyanova, Y. A. Kuznetsova. The Rate of Aging of the Dunaliella viridis Teodor. Culture Depends on the Algae Pre-Adaptation to Copper Sulfate Toxic Effect// Advances in Aging Research, 2014, 3, 187-198.
  3. Bozhkov A. I., Menzyanova N. G., Kizilova V.Yu., Kuznetsova Y. A., Kovalenko I.F. Adaptaion of Dunaliella viridis Teodor. to copper sulfate is related with increase of genetic instability and formation of qwasi-stable states. International Journal of current of microbiology and applied sciences. Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2014) 3(10) 925-939.